Friday, February 8, 2013

I wanna go!

    I'm not sure how Google Ads selects ads to show up on my blog. Sometimes it's based on things that I write about, but other times the ads are based on what I've search for.
    In any event, one of the ads which recently popped up was a three-night cruise with Mark McGrath & Friends. The "friends" include the Spin Doctors, Smash Mouth, Cracker, Gin Blossoms, The Verve Pipe, and Sugar Ray. In other words, the biggest names in music!
    The cruise is Oct. 18-21 on the Carnival Imagination out of Miami. Prices start at $649, which is as high as a three-night cruise gets. They say you aren't paying for the cruise, you're paying for the music.
    Jinny hates good music so I doubt we'll make it. But I can wanna make it!

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Pugnacious said...


You think that it's too late to work in Jackson's own White Mike Johnny Glove ?