Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Congressman Conyers sez don't call illegal immigrants illegal immigrants!

    Just to give you an idea of how stacked the current immigration reform hearings are against American citizens, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee urged his fellow members not to use the term "illegal immigrant."
    Actually, the proper term for a criminal in this country illegally is "illegal alien." Some people use "illegal immigrant" just to be nice, but technically an immigrant is someone in the country legally.
    The feel-good crowd would have us use the term "undocumented migrants,," or some equally silly term. Problem is, these people generally have documents of some sort, and those documents prove that they are not citizens of the United States and are in the country illegally. If they are here illegally they are illegal aliens.
    This whole immigration reform bill is a looming disaster for the United States. Do we need high-skill immigrants? Yes. But the various DREAM Act and other immigration provisions would offer citizenship to every immigrant who signed up to attend a trade school. It's being sold as a plan to keep smart immigrants in the country but it also guarantees that low-IQ types who are sure to be a future burden get to stay as well.
    I suppose we don't have to use the term "illegal immigrant." We can call them illegal aliens, border-crashing intruders, job stealers, or a host of other names. Or we can just use "illegal immigrants."
    According to Conyers, illegal immigrants are already American citizens. "They are new Americans that are immigrants," Conyers said.
    They are not Americans, or at least not Americans of the United States variety. And if enough of our elected officials will stand firm there will be no amnesty for illegals.
    As a nation we don't need a single low-skilled, low-wage immigrant. We need to put our citizens to work. But we do need immigrants who are skilled, educated or educable and law abiding. Note the words, law abiding.
    What we need is more legal immigrants and fewer illegal immigrants. And yes, Rep. Conyers, we need to say so.

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