Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Orleans ambulance booted -- another reason why we shouldn't admit low-quality immigrants

    Perhaps you've heard about the ambulance in New Orleans that was "booted" while answering a call at a convenience store.
    A "Mr. Quicky's" customer was suffering chest pains so an ambulance was called. While paramedics were treating the man an employee of the convenience store went out and "booted" the ambulance for illegally parking in the lot. The lights of the ambulance were still on and paramedics were running back and forth the whole time.
    When the ambulance tried to rush the customer to the hospital they heard a loud "clunk," and discovered they had been booted. When the boot was removed they found their tire was flat and had to call another ambulance, thus substantially delaying medical attention to the patient.
    Store owners blamed the booting on too-aggressive action on one of its employees, now fired, a man by the name of Sidi Aleywa. Aleywa has been cited by the city for simple criminal damage.
    A Mr. Quicky's employee explained what happened: “The guy that did this, he came from another country,” said fellow employee Ali Colone. “He didn’t even know what an ambulance looked like.” News reports said Aleywa didn't speak English, either.
    In a single incident we have everything that is wrong with immigration in America today. I don't believe for a minute that this man didn't know what an ambulance is. It's just that he is a slimeball from a nation with no ethic of civic responsibility and so, unlike the typical American, he had no qualms about booting an ambulance.
    As for his not speaking English, if he doesn't speak English why was he allowed to enter the country on a permanent basis? Increasing the number of non-English speakers certainly doesn't make us stronger as a nation. Has anybody even bothered to check on this man's immigration status?
    Around the world are millions of really smart, educated people who are eager to come to the United States. Many of them have money to invest. They either already speak English or are willing to learn. They would never dream of booting an ambulance. These are people who could make our nation stronger. Let's roll out the red carpet for these potential immigrants and let them know that America welcomes them.
    What the United States doesn't need are people who don't speak English, or people who aren't very smart. We need to insist that these people stay away, and if they are already in this country illegally we need to track them down and deport them.
    If we allow bad people entry into our nation they will, as a practical matter, do bad things. If we fail to insist on English as a prerequisite to entry they will then blame their bad behavior on their inability to speak or read our language.
    All of this can be avoided by being a little more selective about who we allow into our nation in the first place. That and aggressively enforcing our immigration laws. It's our country, and Sidi Aleywa and his ilk need to be refused admittance or the right to live here.

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