Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oxford's Lamar Park gets a big thumbs up

    I've lived in Oxford for about 18 months and made my first visit to Lamar Park today. Jinny and the kids have been several times, but you can look at me and know that exercise is not my strong suit.
    It's a beautiful park; one of the nicest I've seen. On the grounds of the old Oxford Country Club, it features a small lake and a 1.5-mile paved walking path, although there are plenty of short cuts for those wanting to walk a shorter distance.
    The park has numerous picnic tables, including two picnic tables specially designed for someone in a wheelchair. The lake has a nice covered pier, but fishing is only allowed for children 15 and under.
    Next up is a family picnic. Sure wish they had grills!
    As always, you can click on the photos on the right to see an enlargement.

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