Sunday, April 1, 2012

NBC alters 911 tape in order to stir passions, promote mob justice

   One hundred to 150 years ago, when lynching was still a fact of life in much of the United States, the press could be counted on to make a public stand against mob justice. No more. Today the mainstream media is leading the fight for lynching and mob justice.
    Consider the case of George Zimmerman, the mestizo Hispanic commonly referred to as white. He killed black 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and claims he acted in self defense. While I tend to believe his version of events, it's clear that the police did a very poor job of investigating the case, as I said in an earlier post. Certainly the case calls for better investigation.
    So bring on the race hustlers -- Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barrack Obama and their ilk. They are doing everything they can to stir up racial passions, in much the same manner that Mike Nifong and Duke's liberal faculty members did in the Duke Lacrosse case. The Duke players were, of course, completely innocent; their only crime was to have the wrong skin color when facing down a black mob seeking white scapegoats.
    Just as in the Duke Lacrosse case, the media are doing everything they can to "get" George Zimmerman. Whether Zimmerman is arrested and brought to justice, or just murdered as many national figures propose, doesn't seem to matter. Several Hollywood types have publicized Zimmerman's address, knowing full well that their actions could lead to his murder. Scumbag Spike Lee actually Tweeted a wrong address, sending an elderly couple fleeing their home for their lives to escape harassment and possible murder.
    Now we find that much of this turmoil has been caused by certain media outlets who have intentionally lied about the case in order to stir passions and increase news ratings. Fox News -- the truthful network -- just reported that NBC had intentionally altered a 911 tape in order to make it look like Zimmerman was concentrating on Trayvon Martin's race on the night he called 911 to report a suspicious person in the neighborhood. (Next time you hear someone criticize Fox News, remember that if it wasn't for them liars like these would likely never be caught).
    NBC actually cut and spliced this tape. Here's the phone conversation as it was played on the Today Show:
ZIMMERMAN: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good … he looks black."
   Now here's the 911 without the deceiving cut-and-splice job:
ZIMMERMAN: This guy looks like he's up to no good, or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he's just walking around, looking about.
911 DISPATCHER: Okay, is this guy, is he white, black, or Hispanic?
 ZIMMERMAN: He looks black.
   Note that Zimmerman never mentions race until he is asked by the dispatcher what race the suspect was. When searching for a suspect, race or skin color is a a pretty important thing. Even then, Zimmerman said Martin "looks black." In other words, he appears to be unsure about it.
    We all know the liberal media lie to us all the time. This time they got caught, but it does make one wonder how many times they don't get caught.
   I certainly plan to write to the Federal Communications Commission asking that the broadcast licenses of NBC stations which participated in this defamatory news story be terminated. I would urge others to do the same. Needless to say all of us should boycott NBC news -- like CBS, it is Rather Biased.
    Mob justice was a bad idea 100 years ago and it's a bad idea now. Unfortunately, today's media barons are encouraging lynching in order to create more news and further their left-wing agenda. It's truly a disgrace.


Pugnacious said...

Samo Samo when historian David Irving made an appearance at Jackson in November 2009. That lynch mob was lead by Jackson Rabbi Cohen and a member of the Ole Miss Miss "international studies" department. To add insult to injury,two weeks after his appearance in Jackson, his website was hacked and tomes of archival material were destroyed.

There was good news last month though, when the hacker cabal was busted by the FBI. Arrested in the FBI sting was one of the Hammond twins that was responsible for hacking Irving's website. The computer hacker had been arrested then when he physically assaulted guests at a Chicago meeting with Mr. Irving.

I would expect the same reaction from an Ole Miss mob, if Mr. Irving were to attempt to speak on the Ole Miss campus even today.

Pugnacious said...

Maybe it should be "tomes of archival WAS destroyed?"