Saturday, June 18, 2011

No letters from camp, but at least they post photos!

   One of the changes that has come with the Internet is that summer camps now post photos on a regular basis. I assume the children are required to smile and make merry on pain of death.
    Lucy finishes her first week at Concordia Language Village's French camp in Bemidji, MN this week. One more week to go and then she's headed home.
    It's too hot to go outside these days, but as you can see from one of the photos, they don't seem to be having that problem in Bemidji!
    Concordia camps are like any other camps except they offer the chance to learn a little bit of a foreign language. And they are a good value, costly quite a bit less than many traditional camps. So if you are looking for a camp for your child for next year, check it out. They even have a month-long session that provides a year's high school credit in a foreign language.
    One thing camps apparently don't do any more is make the children write home. I guess we're supposed to be happy seeing our kids on the Internet, and we'll hear about it when she gets home.

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