Friday, June 17, 2011

Blog traffic up after 'Anthony Weiner Shirtless' essay

    Anthony Weiner's chest has been good for my blogging business. At least I think he gets the credit.
    On June 8 I published an item entitled "Do they think they have an invisibility cloak?" It detailed a lot of really stupid congressional behavior and included the shirtless photo of the ex-Congressman that he sent over his Twitter account.
    Prior to that publication, my blog was not exactly a busy place. On days when I would post a link on Facebook I might get 50 hits. On days when I didn't I would get fewer than 10. But as my archive grows, so do hits on older posts.
    Since I posted my photo of a shirtless Anthony Weiner, I've had at least 100 hits per day whether I've posted or not. According to my stats page, the number one search phrase sending people to my page is "Anthony Weiner Shirtless," with seven hits. Seven hits doesn't explain why traffic is more than 100 readers per day, but something is obviously going on.
    Three people this month have arrived at my page after typing "Frank Hurdle Ole Miss." "Pecan Pie Ice Cream" has only gotten one hit this month, but people do seem to come every month for that recipe.
    Of course, maybe the increased traffic has nothing to do with Rep. Weiner. Maybe word is just spreading and my readership has increased. But the increase in traffic is certainly an interesting coincidence.
    I couldn't bring myself to run the photo of his excited underwear. Please forgive me for running his shirtless photo again. It's good for business.
    Just be grateful I'm not running a photo of ME without a shirt on.


Anonymous said...

How many hits do you get when people search "People named Frank with too much free time"?

Col. Reb Sez said...

One if I count you.