Friday, May 20, 2011

I will be blogging from Alaska on our family cruise

    I am joining a family cruise to Alaska on the "inside passage," as it's called.
    Both of my brothers are going. My father, who is 87, is going. Every grandchild is going. To the best of my recollection this will be the first vacation that my brothers and I have taken with Dad since 1972, although we did take some business trips together (I recollect that we were all in South Carolina in 1978, for example).
    I'm not sure this is the best time to be taking a cruise. I've got lot's of things to do. But I'll never get the chance again.
    I spent several hours today driving to Memphis to get Lucy's birth certificate. I thought I knew which box it was in from the move, but couldn't find it. Rather than find out after the Shelby County Health Department closed that I couldn't find it, I just decided to go get another.
    I've got a little work to do as well. Some people say you shouldn't work on vacation, but I'm taking an exension cord and my laptop, and I think I'll just have a grand time tapping away on my laptop sitting on my balcony for an hour or so each day.
    We've already had one amusing happening. When I got ready to book my cruise, it turns out that I was able to buy a balcony cabin for roughly the same price everyone else paid for an inside cabin. It seems I was the recepient of some type of "flash" sale offer and didn't even know it. It really doesn't seem fair to Brother Lanier, but oh well.
    I have packing to do. I'll have time to blog from the airport or on the plane.

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