Friday, May 13, 2011

Goodbye Maysville house

    I haven’t been a very faithful blogger recently. I’ve been in Maysville, Ky., cleaning out our old house, which we have sold. As soon as we get our stuff out, the house sells.
    We got the bulk of our stuff out almost a year ago, or so I thought. It turns out that we only got the easy to move items. Moving is a miserable experience.
    Of course, all the stuff that has been lost for years is now found, put away in new boxes, only to be lost again for several more years.
I’ll miss our Maysville home. You can see it on the website I made to sell it, It a town where flat land is scarce and lots are small, it sits on more than two acres of mostly flat land with great river views. We used to enjoy the fact that as many as nine deer would come into the yard at once until we found that they loved to eat our tulips. We now hate deer.
    Our large home spoiled us. Lucy could play the piano in the library and while we could hear her it wasn’t like she was practicing inside our ear. Now when she attempts to practice brother Ash screams at her to be quiet.
I can’t imagine what a home like this would cost in Oxford if within a mile of the Square. I’m guessing $2 million or more. Fact is, we couldn’t afford such a home if it was given to us – the taxes would be too high!
    Of course, we’re back home among lifelong friends and family. Our dining budget isn’t too large, but when we go out we have our pick of lots of fine restaurants. The schools are good – Ash will be taking Latin next year. So life is good.
    But I’ll miss my old Arts & Crafts home in Maysville. I’ll miss Maysville, too.

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