Thursday, March 24, 2011

My daughter wins science fair, but misses lockdown

    The Regional elementary school Science fair was held Wednesday, March 23 at the Tad Smith Coliseum. My daughter won first place in the medicine and health category for her project on color blindness. There were quite a number of schools represented, including a number from Memphis, so winning was a real honor.
    Della Davidson Elementary won 19 total awards at the science fair. I attended the Della fair about six weeks ago and was very impressed with some of the projects these students did, and it was rewarded at the regional fair, as Della tied with Hayes-Cooper for the total number of awards won; however, Hayes-Cooper included students from grades 1-6 while Della only had students in grades 4-6 (middle school students were counted as Della students). If you only look at grades 4-6, Della received about twice as many prizes as any other school. Very impressive! (I think Hayes-Cooper, by the way, is a charter school in Merigold. So charter schools can do some pretty impressive things!)
    Meanwhile, while my daughter was at the science fair, all the schools in the district were placed on lock down because a car thief with a gun had jumped out of his car and eluded police in the area of the Oxford High School. My daughter expressed great disappointment to us that she missed all the excitement!

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