Monday, April 13, 2020

Wuhan likely virus wasn't created in a lab, but lab negligence released it on the world

    Everyone seems to be debating whether the Wuhan virus came from a lab; the leftist media insists that it came from a "wet" market. The fact that this debate could even take place is evidence of how stupid the national media is.
    What do we know? We know that China has 1.3 billion people and that Wuhan has 8 million of them, or a little over one-half of one percent of the country's population. We know that "wet markets" where wild and exotic animals are bought and sold are present all over China, and that these wet markets are a vector for contagion. We also know that Wuhan has China's only Level 4 biological lab. Crunch these numbers and the odds of this virus starting in a Wuhan wet market are less than one in one hundred as there are so many other cities where it could have started. It simply is not reasonably possible for this virus to have started in a wet market a few hundred feet from a lab containing massive amounts of deadly pathogens.
    Note that I am not claiming that the Wuhan virus was "created" in a laboratory. Chinese scientists were on record as being very aggressive in isolating and preserving various bat viruses. There is no need to create a virus in the lab when one can isolate hundreds of them from the bat population. Several Chinese scientists reported that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab only to find them selves silenced and perhaps even dead.
    The only real question is whether or not China intentionally release this virus on the world. My inclination is no. Although there has been video evidence of Chinese citizens intentionally infecting public areas, I find it highly unlikely that the release of this virus was intentional. Equally unlikely is that this virus was released by anything other than negligence at the Wuhan biolab.
    I don't believe the Chinese government released this virus on purpose, but I do believe that it is 100-percent culpable in the release of the virus negligently. Those who would maintain otherwise need to explain mathematically why my view is wrong.

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