Sunday, January 24, 2016

Both NorthMississippiCommentor and ThusBlogged Anderson are now offline

    Although I started this blog back in 2008 -- at that time under the name Mississippi Madness -- I didn't begin blogging with any regularity until 2011.
    I got a certain amount of inspiration from Tom Freeland's "NorthMississippiCommentor" blog. Freeland was an extreme left-winger, but I enjoyed his mix of politics, recipes, restaurant reviews, and generaly mouthiness. Tom could be a little -- or sometimes a lot -- sanctimonious, but I still enjoyed reading his comments.
    After Freeland's death in February 2015 his blog remained online, and I would reference it from time to time. Sadly, his web hosting account has now expired and his blog has gone black. I suppose that's something to be said for Blogger, which is free and lasts forever, or at least until Google decides otherwise.
    Another recent blog loss is that of Thus Blogged Anderson. I don't know Anderson, but based on his blog posts he's really liberal and really smart. A lot of the commentors on his blog tended to be the ultra-shrill liberal types, but Anderson was generally willing to carry on a reasoned discussion. Apparently some jackass lawyer made a big production about something that Anderson wrote during some legal proceedings, and he just chose to roll it up and call it quits.
    Although I am a conservative, I do miss being able to read these blogs. I actually have several year's worth of blog posts for both Freeland and Anderson thanks to my blog reading app. I suppose I could copy and paste them all into some type of archive file for future reference.
    I'm sorry for the loss of these voices, even if I usually disagreed with them. And I'm sorry their blogs are no longer online, so that I could at least be allowed to read their old stuff. Life goes on, though.

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