Wednesday, August 19, 2015

With flag decision Oxford's unpatriotic aldermen show lack of respect for democratic process

    In a rather disgusting attempt to curry favor with liberal elites, the Oxford board of aldermen voted unanimously to refuse to display the Mississippi flag on city property Tuesday night.
    The aldermen weren’t acting in response to a groundswell of citizen demand. In fact, 15 years ago Lafayette County voters decided in favor of keeping the 1894 flag, in the election where an overwhelming majority of Mississippi voters said “Leave Our Flag Alone!” The leftists who sought to change the flag 15 years ago are the same ones seeking to change it today. They just won’t quit.
    A recent newspaper ad calling for a new flag was signed by a number of "notable"Mississippians. A campaign donor search found most were either Obama donors or flunkies of ousted Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones. In other words, the people we should listen to the least!
    What has happened is that the Oxford city board has been filled for the most part with extremely liberal aldermen. Usually this doesn’t matter; after all, these people are running a city, not establishing national policy. But give them a chance to jump off the George-McGovern deep end, and they will.
    I happen to think we should keep our state flag. We’ve already voted on it, and by an overwhelming majority Mississippi voters made it clear they did not want a change. But if we have to argue this again, then the issue should again be presented to the voters. The city of Oxford shouldn’t be taking a position one way or the other.
    Suppose the left-wing fringe is successful in ram-rodding a new flag through the legislature. I’m sure they will immediately insist that it is the duty of all Mississippians to accept the flag which has been adopted through the democratic process. And yet, by refusing to display our state’s flag, Oxford’s city board has made it clear that it doesn’t respect the democratic process very much. Is every city henceforth to just display the state flag of its own choosing?
    I am a former Oxford resident, in that I now live a few hundred yards outside the city limits. So although I voted in the last election I can’t vote in the next one. But I still have an interest in what goes on in a city where I consider myself a resident. And what the Oxford City board has done is disgraceful. A refusal to display our state flag is unpatriotic, and in making this decision Oxford’s aldermen are not very different from the hippie flag burner’s of the 1960s. The hippies were wrong and so are Oxford’s elected officials.
    Unfortunately, Mississippi doesn’t have recall elections, but these are clearly power-hungry aldermen; most will be seeking re-election. Hopefully the citizens will turn them out en masse. Alderman Jay Hughes is seeking to oust Republican Rep. Brad Mayo in this fall’s legislative election. I hope the voters will send him – and the whole sorry lot – a loud and clear message.


Cass said...

I've always thought it was unpatriotic to fly a flag that has the Confederate battle flag within it. Last I checked, the Civil War has been over for quite some time now. The Confederate army was defeated and we became the United States of America. So why celebrate a symbol that represents us as a divided nation? I choose to celebrate us becoming one great nation. We are not a part of the Confederate states any more. We are a part of the USA! Why can't some Mississipians realize that and move on?

Anonymous said...

Cass you sat there and accuse the Mississippians who support our State Flag as living in the past, are you that stupid who is living in the past it's not the one's who support the State Flag its the idiots who are against it. Who keeps on bring up the Past? You would think they were still slaves and they just left the cotton fields yesterday. When the truth is they have never been slaves not one of them. If anything they have been given every advantage that one could have over everyone else and if they have not improved their life's the last 50 yrs guess what it's not no one's fault but their own and not especially our State Flag. They are going after the flag because they are hate filled for our Southern Heritage and along with the Racist NAACP and Support of the current White House. I can tell you this much and write it down the Legal State Wide Vote on what the Voting Citizens of Mississippi had on what they wanted for their State Flag will Stand Period. Our State Flag is not a Rebel Flag and never has been. The Saint Andrew's Cross incorporated into the design is there to pay Tribute too the 60,000 who gave their lives and were murder by a illegal invasion of this State by the 2nd biggest Lying Hyprocite who ever lived in the Whitehouse.

Col. Reb Sez said...

Cass, traditionally it has not been considered unpatriotic for Mississippi to have included the Confederate banner in its flag. This is something new that liberals came up with to complain about over the past 20 years. Our flag has been the same for 120 years.

Our nation isn't part of Great Britain any more, but the colors in our flag come from the British flag; same for the Confederate flag. Virtually every Southern state incorporates elements of some Confederate flag into their state flags. I don't consider the incorporation of a state's history into its flag to be in any way unpatriotic.

Most importantly, if a city wants our state flag to change there is nothing wrong with them going on record saying it should be changed. But cities incorporated under the laws of the state of Mississippi should display our state's flag, whether they are fond of the design or not. I will certainly be angry if our state flag is changed, but even so I wouldn't support a city not flying the new flag. So why should I support a city not flying the old one?