Sunday, July 13, 2014

Illegal immigrants now pouring in by trainloads, but a border fence would solve everything

Trainloads of poor, disease-ridden welfare seekers head to the
U.S. every day as a result of Obama's refusal to enforce our laws.
    A cargo train derailed in Mexico last week. Thirteen hundred minors seeking welfare and amnesty in the United States were aboard. Thirteen hundred on a single train!
    Such is the flood of humanity that has been unleashed by our jackass-in-chief's refusal to enforce our immigration laws and his insistence that all criminals in this country illegally would be granted amnesty, citizenship, and the benefits of the welfare state for life.
    Conservatives warned that even the hint of amnesty would bring on new waves of illegal immigration. Liberals simply will not or can not listen. And so now what we said would happen; America is being invaded.
    The conservative position has always been that we are willing to discuss immigration and even amnesty, but we have to secure our national borders first. Having a non-porous border is what makes a nation a nation.
    Obama has ridiculed conservatives for wanting to build a border fence. "Or they’ll want a higher fence. Maybe they'll need a moat. Maybe they want alligators in the moat!"
    Right now we don't even have a fence over much of the border. Illegal immigrants can simply walk over the dry Rio Grande and enter the country. Children often allow themselves to be caught immediately, as they have been told they will never have to leave and will have welfare for life.
    We need a fence, and believe it or not, many experts say some type of "moat" is actually needed as part of proper fencing in order to keep trucks or armored vehicles from just getting a running start and ramming through a wire structure. As for the alligators, why not? It's our moat, after all. Good fences make good neighbors. Moats filled with hungry alligators make for better neighbors.
    There has been a great deal of debate about the ending of unemployment benefits. Democrats want them to continue for life. A better idea is to offer every American a job helping to construct a border fence between the United States and Mexico. If there aren't enough immigration judges and clerks to handle the backlog of cases, let's hire more.
    If we make it physically impossible for these criminals to walk across the border people will stop – drum roll please – walking across the border!

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