Monday, April 21, 2014

ACT posts test results from April 12 test on April 21; that's a nine-day turn-around

    For anyone who keeps up with such things ACT scores from the April 12 test administration have been posted on the website a week earlier than originally planned.
    In the usual bureaucratic fashion, some students will get their scores while others may have to wait. But for students eager to know how they scored, log in and find out if they are available!
    For the past few years enterprising students have devised ways to get their scores early. This involved logging into the website and then running a javascript with one's test id number appended, or some similar method. Some people were able to get their scores weeks early. These holes have apparently been patched; nobody this time got their scores until the ACT decided to release them.
    Of course, with a nine-day turn-around from test day to score report there is less need to resort to devious means to find out how one did. Or how one's child did!

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