Thursday, January 30, 2014

I hated to see my full house lose, but I enjoyed seeing a royal flush for the first time

A royal flush occurs in 7-card stud roughly once every 30,000 hands.
    Every couple of months I join a few friends for a low-stakes poker game. We play mostly 7-card stud, hi-lo, so the best high hand and the best low hand split the pot.
    I had a great hand tonight -- a full house, fives over twos. It was a stealth hand, in that I had a five, a pair of twos and an ace showing, making it look like an almost certain low hand. I had a pair of fives in the hole and drew a king on the last card. To my right was one of my former law professors. It looked to me like he had a big pile of nothing. Needless to say I was betting my full house with wild abandon.
    The photo above tells the story. As another player at the table said, "You know you're in trouble when your opponent starts to turn his cards and says, 'You guys might want to get your cameras.' "
    None of us had ever seen a true royal flush before. The odds of getting a royal at 7-card stud are about 30,000-to-1. Assuming 100 deals per night (and do we get that many?), that's one royal every three hundred nights of play. Since I only play poker about six times a year, I've got 50 years ahead of me before I see my next royal flush.
    I was winning a few dollars before the royal flush debacle. But in the end I don't mind losing a few bucks to see something that I've never seen before and probably will never see again.

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