Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy sex in public leads to regret-rape charge by shamed Ohio University co-ed

    Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, is a little bit like Ole Miss and Oxford. Athens is a town of 23,000 in a part of Ohio that is beyond rural. The main campus has 23,000 students; more than Ole Miss, but virtually every state college has more students than Ole Miss.
    Oxford has a central town square surrounded by restaurants and student hangouts while Athens has a strip of bars and restaurants which line almost half-a-mile of Court Street. There are, of course, bars in other locations, but Court Street is the main drag. It's a neat place and worth a visit should you be in the neighborhood.
    Students at Ohio University are as liberal as Ole Miss students are conservative, so there is a limit to the comparison. But both are decent state schools located in relatively small towns, a state-university dynamic that is actually quite rare.
    Over the weekend a young man and woman, presumably students and apparently drunk, engaged in sexual activity in front of a small crowd of people on Court Street. Without getting too graphic, this activity involved the man getting on his knees and performing a sexual act. Need I say more?
    The crowd of up to 30 which witnessed this blessed event did what most people do these days -- they took out their cell phones and created a memory garden. They then shared their creations on Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere.
    A day later, the woman woke up to find that she had become an overnight sensation. She said she only became aware of her nocturnal activities though seeing videos and photos on various social media sites. I would guess she got a phone call from the morals officer of her sorority. She then went to the police and reported that she had been sexually assaulted, or raped.
    Needless to say, this event brought out all the radical feminists who really believe that any act of sexual intercourse involving a man is rape. Fortunately for the victim of this false accusation, the photos and videos taken by onlookers show the purported victim to be having a grand time. For roughly 10 percent of the time her paramour was performing oral sex she had her hand on the back of his head, apparently pushing him inward and onward. Following their tryst the couple posed for photos and then left together.The video has mostly disappeared from the Internet, but here is a description from a TotalFratMove writer who viewed it:
The video is 1:27 in length. The male was clearly providing oral sex to the female. Generally speaking, the two appeared to be willing participants who were, frankly, enjoying themselves. At one point in the video, the female put her right hand on the back of the male’s head while he was engaged. This lasted about eight seconds. Two different times in the video, the male looked around at different onlookers and exchanged words with them. This was in response to jeers they hurled at the couple. His words were unintelligible.
    Of course, the radical left immediately accepted the obviously bogus claim of rape as truth and castigated the bystanders. "All that needed to happen was to say [to the woman], 'Hey are you alright? Is this what you want to be happening?'" she Ohio University student Allie Erwin. "She obviously wasn't OK with what happened. It was rape. She reported it to the police as rape." What wonderful circular logic. It must be rape because the woman enjoyed it at the time but regretted it the next day.
    I would ask Ms. Erwin why she didn't think that anyone should have asked the man these questions? Why isn't she upset that no one asked him if it was alright and what he wanted to be happening? How does waiting around for a day and finding one's reputation in shreds suddenly make an absolute non-rape into a rape? If this man now says he must have been raped, should his word be accepted as absolute fact?
    There seems to be a notion that people who are drunk can't consent to sex, and at some point they surely can't. But doesn't that work both ways? Suppose that we accuse this man of rape on the ground that his drunken partner couldn't legally consent. Onlookers said he was drunk as well. Wouldn't that make the woman guilty of rape as well? Why should there be a double standard?
    So we are left with the meme that this woman had to have been raped because she said she was raped and women never lie about rape. The photographs and videos of her enjoying the events must be ignored. (I've seen these but am not going to link to them). Since women supposedly never lie about being raped, everyone is expected to accept any claim, no matter how ridiculous, at face value.
    The truth is that women can and do lie about rape. When a woman named Crystal Magnum was about to be thrown in jail for public intoxication she suddenly accused several Duke Lacrosse players of raping her. And her outlandish claims were accepted solely on the grounds that "women never lie about rape." Of course the feminists and left-wing types came out in force, because to them truth is unimportant; what is important is the impaling of men. This Youtube video shows the effort of the left-wing community to lynch these innocent boys.
    One could fill an encyclopedia of case notes where women have falsely accused innocent men of rape or abuse, either intentionally or by accident. A Department of Justice report found that when DNA was available roughly 25 percent of accused or already convicted men were excluded. Some studies put the false accusation rate at more than 40 percent, although I believe the latter figure to be too high (The author of the article I've linked to is a rape victim, for what it's worth).
    Rape is like any other crime. Law enforcement officers have a duty to ask some basic questions before bringing charges: Does this person have an incentive to lie? Does this story sound outlandish? Does the available evidence contradict the claim? If yes, they should proceed with caution.This is just basic police work. The willingness of the media to go along with obviously false claims of rape harms the credibility of real rape victims. It needs to stop.
    I feel sorry for the woman who participated in this public display. I'm sure neither she nor her sex partner gave much thought to the consequences of their actions. Life is unfair to women when it comes to sex. In the video the man refers to himself as a "whore." All too often a male "whore" is tolerated or even celebrated. A female "whore" is quickly shunned. But however unfair society may be, it does not change the fact that intense regret the day after does not convert consensual sex the night before into rape. Regret About Previous Encounters is not rape.
    Drunk, stupid sex isn't rape. It's just sex. And when two drunk, stupid people have voluntary sex the man is not the guilty party. Both the man and the woman are equally guilty or equally innocent. So if the police want to charge this man with rape they need to charge the woman, too.

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