Thursday, July 18, 2013

Despite Facebook liar's claim, I am opposed to the death penalty

    I got defriended by a freenemy on Facebook recently, which is fine. Sometimes people disagree too much to be Facebook friends. He is a member of the George Zimmerman lynch mob; I think Zimmerman is a hero for stepping up to serve his community as a Neighborhood Watch volunteer.
   As part of the defriending process my freenemy posted on Facebook that "not to long ago" I told him I supported the death penalty: "Frank told me not very long ago that executing innocent Americans is just part of the price that should be paid to keep the death penalty."
    This is, of course, a lie that I was unable to counter since we were no longer Facebook friends
    Anyone (all two dozen or so of you) who has followed this blog knows that I oppose the death penalty on the grounds that too many innocent people are in jail. As I've said before, most prosecutors do their job fairly and ethically, but there are some bad apples out there who are in it just to win every case. Think Mike Nifong or Angela Corey.
    My views started to change some years ago, but the Duke Lacrosse case was the absolute turning point. It made be realize that too often unethical prosecutors act on political pressure and not facts. It's lynch mob justice. Since changing my mind on this issue I've also come to realize that even though most people in jail are guilty, we have a good number of innocent people in our jails.
    At any rate, to have someone just lie bothers me. As I told the guy in a message, I have enough views that are outside the mainstream for him to have to gin up false claims against me.
   Oh, and one final note. Most conservatives support the death penalty. I don't. I'm not going to get on a soapbox, but if you do support the death penalty, I hope you will take this opportunity to rethink it. There are simply too many convictions of innocent people for us to exact a punishment that can't be undone.
    Listed below are several posts I've had over the past few years concerning the death penalty. All of them express views that are exactly opposite of those that my former Facebook friend accused me of having.

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Jane said...

Ethical prosecutors are the exception to the rule.