Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I called it 18 months ago; all the blame for this mess goes to Obama

    I have pointed out in numerous posts that our former enemy, Muammar Gaddafi, came in from the cold years ago and paid reparations for his past crimes and got rid of his weapons of mass destruction. He was a somewhat solid ally in the war on terror.
    Then Barack Obama showed the world that America couldn't be trusted by targeting him for murder and actually killing his children and grandchildren in cold blood -- a war crime. Not content merely to murder Gaddafi, Obama's henchmen first anally raped him, another war crime. Obama has not yet been arrested or tried for his numerous war crimes committed in Libya against a country which, unlike Iraq, we had no quarrel whatsoever.
    What brought this on? Well, the United States apparently decided to foment some revolution in the Arab world and it spilled over into Libya. When terrorists tried to stone Gaddafi's soldiers to death they responded by killing their attackers. Oh, this was just too much for the NATO goons! And so Obama and his henchmen murdered thousands upon thousands of innocent Libyans in order to teach our presumed ally a lesson.
    Today Obama's allies attacked the American embassies in Egypt and Libya, killing one American. Understand, these are Obama's people. Gaddafi would never have allowed this to happen. Under Gaddafi Libya was a secular country; in fact, Gaddafi was a frequent critic of growing Islamic extremism in countries like Turkey and was a strong champion of women's rights -- by Arab standards, anyway.

On April 19, 2011, I wrote the following:
I've noted before that America's unprovoked attacks on Libya are destabilizing the entire Middle East. Those who would overthrow the governments of Egypt (both old and new), Yemen, Syria, Iran, and yes, Saudi Arabia, look at the world's support for Libya's criminal rebels as a sign that they, too, shoud try to overthrow their governments. Much of the world's oil supply is in danger of disruption.
Nations act out of self-interest. For France, Britain and the United States to make the decision so quickly to seek sanctions and to attack Libya suggest some motive other than concern for that country's citizens. NATO's decision to use just enough force to keep the government from restoring order suggests a desire to forment a long-term civil war, which should keep the entire region in turmoil for some time, thus endangering the region's oil production.
    Note that I wrote this almost 18 months ago. The war and destruction that is happening right now in the Mid-East is not happening by accident. If it isn't entirely the result of U.S. effort, it has certainly been fanned into a fire of violence by intentional U.S. actions. As a nation our goal is clearly to destabilize the entire Mid-East. The only question is exactly why we want to do this.
    Possibility one is that we've decided that an unstable Mid-East hurts China and other countries and helps the United States. There is a reason that Russia is so eager to help Syria at any price -- they are eager to maintain an ally. And while high energy prices hurt the U.S., if the Mid-East is in turmoil then China is harmed far more -- and perhaps the high energy prices may help the U.S. in relation to China.
    Possibility two is that we've decided to create turmoil in an effort to create what amounts to a mass sectarian war to undermine Iran. It's no secret that Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia is funding the Sunni Syrian Rebels in an effort to break up the alliance between the Alawite Syrians and the Shiite Iranians. But do you expect the Shia and for that matter the Alawites to just lay down? And isn't Turkey something like 20 percent Alawite? This is going to be a real party!
    Possibility three is that Obama, whom I believe to be a crypto-Sunni-Muslim radical, is simply behaving like other Mid-East Sunni Muslim radicals. He's going after Jews, infidels, and Shiites. If you look at our Mid-East policy, it certainly explains a lot.
    In any event, when you hear that our embassy in Egypt or Libya has been overrun and Americans killed, crazy Muslims didn't do that, Obama did that. When you hear that thousands of people have died in Syria, don't blame that country's leader, Bashar al-Assad, blame Obama. This is his handiwork, so he gets all the credit or all the blame.

ADDENDUM: Since I wrote this the death toll in Libya has risen to four, including our ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens. These people were killed by Obama's allies. Gadaffi and his people never would have done it.

Obama repeatedly expressed sympathy with the so-called "Occupy" movement in the United States and told law enforcement officials not to enforce the law in controlling their behavior. The symbol of the Occupy movement was the Guy Fawkes mask. Shown below is a photo of Obama's allies after they swarmed United States embassy in Egypt.

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