Monday, July 2, 2012

Insulting Arabs with namecalling, pig heads on sticks unlikely to win lost souls to Jesus Christ

    Given that I consider myself a right-wing kind of guy, I generally like right-wing websites. But sometimes they can go just a little too far. Just a teeny bit.
    A friend recently posted a story on Facebook from WND entitled "Moslem mob stones Christians." It was about how a group of radical Moslems attacked some innocent Christians who were just going about their business, or so the story would have us believe.
    WND later edited its story to point out that the "Christians" weren't just having a Sunday School picnic, but were in fact hurling insults at an Arabs during Dearborn, Michigan's 17th annual International Arab Festival, and taunting them with a pig's head mounted on a stick. Dearborn is a heavily Arab city.
    I'll be the first to agree that radical Islam is a problem in this country and around the world, and often political correctness stops us from addressing it. But do these people really think they are reaching souls for Jesus Christ with their antics. Not only are they not going to convert any Moslems, but they aren't going to bring any wavering Christians back into the fold, either. In fact, all they can possibly succeed in doing is to drive decent people away from the Christian church. Who are these dreadful people?
    I'm certainly not for political correctness and I'm not willing to kowtow to the various interest groups that insist that we say just the right things in order to not hurt feelings. But I see no reason to go out on public streets and hurl insults at people either -- especially in the name of Jesus.
    I left a comment on my friend's post pointing out that the so-called "Christian" group had intentionally incited a riot. And indeed a near-riot occurred and the Dearborn did little to protect the "Christians" who started it. It's clear I was able to clear the air a little, because a little later someone else posted this:
In a world with justice, every one of those Mohammedans would have been machine-gunned in the streets, and every Dearborn cop involved in persecuting the Christians would be on his way to prison for oppression. THIS, boys and girls, is the face of Mohammedanism and "political correctness," throwing Christians to the lions. WTG Dearborn.

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