Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obama's 'jobs' plan is help we don't need, taxes we don't want, for problems we don't have

    Obama has been repeatedly flacking his "jobs" plan, which involves the federal government providing the states with money to hire 50,000 teachers, policemen and firefighters. This isn't a job plan; it's an economic disaster waiting to happen.
    The hiring of police, firemen and teachers is something we in America do at the state and local level. We determine the need, hire, tax, and pay for these needs locally. While every organization always needs more workers, we, as citizens of cities and states, have already hired the people we need to fill these positions.
    Read the newspapers! Crime rates have been falling. Sure more police would be nice, but we don't need them. I appreciate our firemen, but the fires are getting put out. We don't need to pad the payroll.
    And don't get me started on teachers. Most school districts are so heavily laden with teachers that they are able to adopt a California-inspired, left-wing educational practice known as differentiated instruction. This puts kids working at all achievement levels in the same classroom and essentially recreates the one-room schoolhouse of yesteryear. This model requires small class sizes and still doesn't work very well. If anything we need to reduce the number of teachers and increase class size until schools are forced to group students by achievement level out of absolute necessity. Make no mistake, students are far better off in a class of 36 grouped by achievement than they are in a class of 16 with a six- to 10-grade difference in achievement and ability levels between the students.
    Aside from the fact that we don't need the extra employees is the economic time bomb that awaits states that do take the money and hire unneeded help. For example, suppose Oxford should receive this money and use it to hire someone to teach both Russian and Finnish for three years.
    Now Russian and Finnish are great courses and might well deserve to be taught. But if the need wasn't there before the district was handed free money the need isn't there. What is the district to do in three years when the money runs out? Does the school fire the teacher and anger the one or two dozen parents who hoped to enroll their children in these programs? Or does the school board raise taxes and keep the teacher, thus putting an additional tax burden on the citizenry? Chances are taxes will creep up just a bit. So in the long run Obama's "jobs" plan is just a plan to put a heavier property tax burden on every American citizen.
    We all know that one of the main reasons America's unskilled workers are struggling so hard today is because of illegal immigration. We have 11 million illegal immigrants in this country driving down wages for unskilled workers, stealing their jobs, and voraciously consuming public services. We're told that the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the immigration courts are just too understaffed to do the job of expelling these people.
    I've got an idea. Let's take the money Obama wants to use to hire 50,000 policemen, firemen, and teachers and use it instead to hire border patrol agents, immigration agents, and immigration court judges and staff. Let's work on fencing for both our southern and northern borders. Good fences make good neighbors.
    If we do this we'll not only create 50,000 or so immediate jobs, but millions of additional jobs for Americans; and employers will be forced to pay higher wages as they won't have a peasant labor force to depress wages and help them destroy the lives of America's workers.
    Instead of Obama sending the states money to hire help we don't need -- help that eventually will balloon our tax burden -- the federal government should use the money to hire enough help to enforce our nation's immigration laws. Is that too much to ask?

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