Friday, December 2, 2011

Republican Jewish group bans Ron Paul from debate

    In the News of the Disgusting, the Republican Jewish Coalition is holding a debate and everyone is invited except for Ron Paul. The most recent national polls show Paul in third place nationally and in second place position for the kick-off of the all-important Iowa caucuses. Nationally he’s behind Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, and nobody really likes Mitt Romney. Paul’s support is stout.
    Because if the intensity of his support, I think Paul may win the Iowa caucus. He has more cross-party support than any candidate. Unlike many or most Paul supporters, I also like Newt Gingrich, but I really like Ron Paul and am pulling hard for him.
    But the Republican Jewish Coalition has banned Paul from its debate. They say his views are out of the mainstream of the Republican party, and that to invite him would be the same as inviting Barack Obama (If they really believe that they are smoking crack).     The explanation:
Paul was not invited to attend the RJC’s candidates forum because the organization – as it has stated numerous times in the past – “rejects his misguided and extreme views,” said [RJC Executive Director Matt] Brooks.
    What Matt Brooks is saying is that Paul is opposed to massive foreign aid to Israel and he is opposed to continuing to involve our nation in war after war after war. That’s not acceptable to the American Jewish lobby. It’s extreme to support peace.
    What’s funny is that while Paul may not be popular amongst American Jews, many Jews in Israel would probably support him wholeheartedly. Israeli Jews understand how important it is to achieve peace, and they know that a hawkish, hard line isn’t always the best way to achieve that end. In fact, if you read stories sometimes about the most militant Israeli Jews who are out in their settlements clubbing their Palestinian neighbors, what you will find is that most of them are American Jews or their progeny who have emigrated to Israel.
    So what we have is the Republican Jewish Coalition stating for the record that the only presidential candidate who supports peace is too far outside the mainstream to even be heard. What they are afraid of, of course, is that more people will want peace than will want to go on helping Israel to beat up on the Palestinians and other assorted Arabs. My view is that if Israel wants to beat up on some Arabs they ought to do it on their own. America as a whole is tired of fighting Israel’s proxy wars. I support the right of Israel to be secure in her borders, but what’s been happening for the past dozen years goes far beyond that.
    If the Republican Jewish Coalition wants to exclude Ron Paul that’s their right. But clearly all of us should attempt to divine what the Republican Jewish Coalition supports, and as Americans we should support the opposite.
Let’s face it, the mere fact that these people have banned Ron Paul is proof that they are working against America’s interests, not for them.

The video below is dedicated to the Republican Jewish Coalition:


Ignatius said...

Thanks for sharing this, CRS. I haven't seen any other coverage of this in the national news. Paul, Huntsman, Johnson - Republican candidates who actually have (had) the potential to represent mainstream America (though Paul takes some of his policies to impractical extremes), have been shunned and repressed ending any chance of stabilizing (read: normalizing) what has become the farce that is the Republican debates. Really, the sentiment seems to be "Hey-I-can-outcrazy-you" ... I'm still watching them, but it's not for substance. It's purely for entertainment.

Anonymous said...

The posted video from the House Foreign Affairs Committee occurred during the first 100 days of "CHANGE" "under" Obama, and Hillary is commenting on Ron Paul's popularity during her run for POTUS. Note that the Chairman of that committee is Rep. "Howie" Berman, a double-dealing dual loyalist. I remember Jim Traficant taking him down during his(Traficant's) appearance before the ethics committee which Berman co-chaired with Rep. Charles Hefley.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2002,Ron Paul spoke before the Congress on the matter of expelling Re. James Traficant(D.Ohio). Paul alludes to the Rep. Hansen expulsion and to the problems with the DoJ trial and the targeting of Traficant by the FBI. Of course it was all related to Traficant and his investigative team exposing the DoJ's Shearer and his OSI "nazi-hunters" destroying exculpatory evidence that exonerated John Demjanjuk of being the "mythical" Ivan the Terrible. The OSI investigators were knowlingly sending an innocent man to the hang from the gallows in Tel Aviv.

The Israel Supreme Court released Demjanjuk upon the revelation of this new evidence and Traficant personally traveled to Tel Aviv to escort Demjanjuk back to Cleveland. It was shortly after that when Reno/Chertoff/Mueller plotted to target Traficant.

Anonymous said...

Ben Stein accuses Ron Paul of Anti-Semitism. Duly note that Ben Stein, Michael Ledeen, Alan Dershowitz and Marvin Kalb organized a campaign with over 600 signatures to Brian Lamb, Connie Doebele and C-SPAN, threatening a lawsuit if C-SPAN did not cancel a "taped response" from David Irving on comments that Debroah Lipstadt had made in her book on Irving and the libel trial in London. Lipstadt was to appear on Doebele's BookTV to plug her book, but refused to appear after the imbroglio. Connie Doebele was sacked after the affair quieted down

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gingrich out-Jews Romney at Republican Jewish Convention with promises of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.