Friday, July 8, 2011

Mississippi GOP House members all vote to continue Libya debacle

    I'm very disappointed that Mississippi's entire House delegation opposed cutting off funds for Barrack Obama's illegal war on Libya.
    Mississippi's three Republicans supported this continued illegal war despite the fact that a majority of House Republicans voted to cut off funding. It is shameful! The roll call can be found here.
    I cannot recall a time when we have tried to openly assassinate foreign leaders. I cannot recall a time when we have been so willing to murder innocent children in an effort to assassinate a foreign leader. As a nation we have disgraced ourselves.
    I am aware of the awful things that went on during the Bush presidency. While he properly got Congressional authorization to act in Iraq, he made a mess of things. Many of us assumed that whether or not we liked Obama's domestic policies, at least he would get us out of war. Instead, he's us more entangled than ever.
    I don't know whether or not Alan Nunnelee will draw a credible Republican opponent next year, but if he does he'll likely have my vote.
    I'm all for a strong America that, when threatened, pounds its enemies into the dirt. But we can't, and shouldn't, be the policeman to the world.
    If you're a Republican and support an end to nation building and acting as policeman to the world, please raise your hand. Mine is waving wildly!

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