Monday, April 11, 2011

Libya's lesson: Give up your nukes and perish

    If there is an nation I don’t want to have a nuclear bomb, it’s Iran. They scare me. That’s why the world has been encouraging Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program for years now. Iran certainly has nothing to fear from the West!
    Scary country number two is North Korea. They supposedly have very crude nuclear weapons. I certainly don’t want them improving of these weapons. North Korea says it only wants these weapons for self-defense, but I certainly would hope the West would have sense enough not to attack North Korea. They surely know they have nothing to fear from us!
    Libya used to have a nuclear weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) program. Libya insisted it only wanted these weapons for self defense, but the West assured Libya it had nothing to fear, and so Libya gave up these weapons in order to rejoin the company of civilized, friendly nations. Libya paid reparations for its past misdeeds and in exchange was to be accepted again in decent society.
    We all know how this story ends. As soon as Libya lost the means it had to defend itself, the West turned around and attacked. Not for anything Libya did to provoke an attack, but because the West decided that Libya had been a little too firm in quelling civil unrest. How would we, as Americans, like it if, the day after Bull Conner used attack dogs on black marchers in Birmingham the Russians had simply started dropping bombs?
    The message we have sent to the weak, despotic nations of the world is clear: If you have nuclear weapons or WMDs, don’t get rid of them. As soon as you do, the West will attack your country on some pretext and you will have no means to protect yourself. Keep the nukes and survive, or attempt to join decent society and perish.
    Make no mistake, Moammar Gadhafi is a dreadful, evil person. But our country made a deal with the man. He cooperated with us and had even been an ally in the supposed war against Al Qaeda. Now we’ve stabbed him in the back. The United States, as a nation, clearly cannot be trusted.
    What a message Obama has chosen to send to the world!

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