Sunday, September 5, 2010

I just installed Google Picasa

I just installed Google Picasa 3 on my computer. I couldn't decide between Flickr and Picasa and decided to go with Picasa.

For starters I had to download a web album program to my computer. I've tried to use these before and have not been impressed. The Picasa program located every photo on my computer in just a few minutes, and displayed large thumbnails that I could actually see. When I clicked on them, they opened in a flash, and I could do a quick-and-dirty photo edit if I wanted. I was able to throw away a lot of out-of-focus and junk photos with ease with this program.

I paid $5 to get 20 GB of storage on Google. If I need to I'll pay $15 more to get 80 GB. My goal is to make sure all the photos and videos we've taken over the years get onto the ether, so that if my computer crases we'll have a backup. I already have everything on a removable disk, but you never know.

When I get everything uploaded I'll post a link and the world can snoop through my snapshots.

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