Thursday, May 20, 2010

Discriminate and save on dinner

    In order to promote "racial reconcilliation," a dozen Jackson restaurants are offering discounts to patrons who dine with a member of another race, reports Jerry Mitchell on his Clarion-Ledger blog, Eat cheap today in Jackson and improve race relations, too.
    Of course, by its very nature, this promotion discriminates against those who wish to dine with a person of the same race. Would it be legal to offer discounts only to those people who dine with members of the same race? I think not. So how can it possibly be legal to offer discounts only to those who dine with members of other races.
    I would suggest that these restaurateurs get out of the business of social engineering and let their patrons dine with whomever they please. If these people want to do a service to humanity, they can just lower the prices for everyone.

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