Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Honeycrisp apples are the best fruit known to man, but I'm not paying $3.99 a pound

    I don't eat a lot of fruit since it's so healthy for you, but I do love Honeycrisp apples.
    I had never even tasted one of these until a couple of years ago. Up until that time I would only eat Fuji applies.
    The story about Honeycrisp apples is halfway interesting, and you can read about it on Wikipedia. The cellular structure of this apple is actually bigger than in most apples, which results in a juicier fruit when you bite into it. And they're sweet, too.
    I'm a bargain shopper when I go grocery shopping. I buy what's on sale and get my meat off the about-to-rot rack. But I'm willing to pay extra for Honeycrisp apples, as would most people who have tasted them.
    Everybody has limits, though. I strolled past the apples in Kroger a couple of days ago and saw my beloved Honeycrisp apples offered at $3.99 a pound. No! Just no.
    I wasn't willing to settle for cheaper, mushy, foul-tasting apples, so I bought a bag of Fritos instead. They were pretty good.

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