Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mr. Magazine Samir Husni puts blame for Newsweek failure on Tina Brown

    Ole Miss journalism professor Samir Husni writes on his blog why all 10 of Tina Brown's 10 reasons the magazine had to fold are a load of bulloney.
    In a blog post entitled, Killing Me Softly With Her “Talk”: Why Tina Brown’s 10 Excuses for Killing Newsweek Are ALL DEAD WRONG.
    Towards the end of his post Husni said:
Thanks, Newsweek, for the memories, may you rest in peace or pieces as you, that is, Ms. Brown, wishes. And if you ever think that the Daily Beast has a higher value as a brand than Newsweek, think not once, but twice and thrice for that matter.

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