Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Refuge blog gets to bottom of Trayvon Martin hoax

    I've added "The Last Refuge" blog to my blog list on the left side of this page. It has some of the best coverage of the Trayvon Martin hoax that I've seen.
    And make no mistake, it's looking more and more like a hoax. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz says the prosecutor's failure to include the fact that George Zimmerman had a bloodied head was certainly an ethical violation, and could perhaps even rise to the level of criminal perjury.
    I'm sure you've heard the family say again and again that "All we want is an arrest." Why was an arrest so important? Well, in Florida, unless an arrest is made there can be no civil suit, but once an arrest is made everyone can be sued even if the charges are later dismissed.
    "The Last Refuge" blogger believes that the so-called conversations with the girlfriend never took place. Note that the family said they didn't "trust" the police enough to give them this evidence. These conversations were only mentioned when the family needed a narrative to sell to the public. Oh, and the voice screaming on the 911 call. The morning after Martin's death his father listened to the 911 tape and said it definitely wasn't his son. Of course he wasn't looking at his son's death as a lucky Powerball ticket then, either. I'm sure if he hears the tape today it will sound just like Trayvon.
    Oh, and one little tidbit I learned about George Zimmerman's 2005 arrest for assaulting a police officer. It seems he and a friend were in a bar, as were several plainclothes cops hoping to find some minors in possession. They had no luck and were thus in a nasty mood. For some reason one of the officers looked like he was about to get into a fight with Zimmerman's friend and Zimmerman walked over and pushed him away to avert the fight. The cop decided to throw his weight around by charging Zimmerman with assaulting a police officer, even though Zimmerman had no way of knowing he was a police officer. Of course the charges were dismissed.
    To get an idea of what's happening is this updated version of the Duke Lacrosse case, check out "The Last Refuge" blog, starting at Update 9.

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