Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perry may not be my man, but his ad is highly effective

    I've said before that I'm no Rick Perry fan. I'm still not. But that doesn't stop me from observing that he has produced one of the most powerful television spots that I've seen in quite a long time.
    The ad starts with shots of a broken and shuttered America as Obama boasts that he wants all the credit for the economy. These scenes end with a really scary boast from Obama, "I'm just getting started."
    Then Rick Perry gives his little speech. The best line is, "We don't need a president who apologizes for America." I agree. Obama has spent most of his time in office on the golf course or on vacation, but when not recreating he has spent the rest of his time sniveling about how awful America is. We just don't need that!
    I'm still not a Rick Perry fan, but I have to salute him for producing one helluva commercial. Democrats may not like it but they better get used to it, because the right is going to treat Obama with the same level of decency that the left showed towards Sarah Palin. In other words, all's fair in love, war and politics. This one is going to be ugly.

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