Monday, September 19, 2011

Old Movie provides solution to Ole Miss coaching woes

    Ole Miss had in Ed Orgeron a head coach who was one of the nation's best recruiters but who was a terrible game coach.
    In Houston Nutt we have a coach who is a pretty good game coach (although sometimes I wonder) but who apparently has no sense at all when it comes recruitment of players. Now that Orgeron's players have worked their way through the system there is a complete hodgepodge of talent on the team.
    So what do we do? The solution can be found in that 1972 film classic, "The Thing with Two Heads," starring Rosie Greer and Ray Milland. In that movie, a racist white multi-millionaire who is dying plots to have his head grafted onto the body of a death-row inmate. When he wakes up from the surgery he finds that his head has been grafted onto the only inmate they could find -- one who just happened to be black. You can bet the racist white millionaire wasn't happy about this one little bit.
    For the graft to work they had to share the body for several weeks. Needless to say, this is where the fun starts, as the racist white millionaire interacts with the angry wrongly convicted black man. One could say that this movie deserves the credit for the end of racial conflict in this country and the election of a black president!
    I remember seeing this delightful work of cinematography at the old Holly Theater in Holly Springs. At one time the cost of the Saturday matinee was 35 cents, but I think by 1972 it had risen to a half-dollar. Cokes and popcorn were served in small sizes at intermission so a kid could go to the picture show, get a drink and a popcorn, for a dollar. These days admission, drink, and popcorn costs about $20!
    My recollection is that the Picture Show burned not too long after showing this masterpiece. Destroyed in the fire was the only copy of "The Holly Springs Story," in which I had three lines. My recollection is that the film was made by Hal Roach, of Little Rascals fame, who traveled the country in the late 1960s or early 1970s giving "acting" lessons to children. My parents paid $19.95 for me to be in the film and like most kids I had two lines; however, when one child couldn't say, "A million dollars, gee whiz that's a lot of dough!" with any modicum of excitement, I said the line out loud and ended up getting a third line in the movie. My parents were not charged any extra, either. It was a dreadful production, but I sure wish I had a copy!
    But enough of the past; back to Ed Orgeron and Houston Nutt. Can anybody doubt that the two men together might be able to eventually bring the Rebels to victory? And if not, wouldn't it be fun to watch them together on the field when the Rebels are losing? Certainly the fans need some kind of relief, and if you doubt what fun this could be, see the movie trailer from The Thing with Two Heads, which I've posted below.

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