Saturday, May 21, 2011

Three hours on a regional jet just too long

    Ash and I have made it to Salt Lake City. Pictured above is the view out the window of the airport. I guess it's called Purple Mountains' Majesty.
    Our three-hour flight here was on a Delta regional jet. When these jets first came on the market I thought they were great; it meant I no longer had to take a prop plane to Ohio. I now hate them.
    These planes are intended for flights of under 1.5 hours. Our flight lasted three hours. Too long for a regional jet! The seats are just too narrow.
    A friend of mine who is a little on the rotund side told me a few years ago that he had taken an America West flight from Memphis to Phoenix. I immediately knew that he had flown a regional. He told me never again. When he reached his seat, he had to raise the arm rest, and just told his seat-opponent "Sorry fellow, but this arm rest is going to have to go."
    I'm glad my friend found someone willing to raise the arm rest for him, but I never would have done it.
    The three most important rules of flying: Never allow anyone to lift the arm rest; never swap a window or aisle seat for a middle seat in order to "help" someone else (unless paid to do so); and the seats are made to recline, and that space belongs to you, not the jerk behind you trying to get you not to recline so he can steal your space.

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