Sunday, January 31, 2016

If co-workers can't go to the cake, the cake will have to go to the co-workers

Above is a Youtube video which explains Google Hangouts

     Jinny travels with her work; when she's not traveling she works from home. Sometimes she meets one of her co-workers on the road, but her entire division is never together at one time except for a few times a year.
    This is actually a challenge for workers who don't come into a common office. Time spent around the water cooler or in the break room gives people a chance to know each other. Being able to see and hear people is different from just reading emails.
    One of the things Jinny's company does is to meet together every Friday afternoon in a Google Hangout. This is essentially a group teleconference. I've posted a Youtube video that I found online above which explains Google Hangouts. This gives everyone a chance to see and hear what is going on in various parts of the company.
Everyone got their own cake for baby shower

    In an office, when an employee is about to celebrate a milestone the others will join in and celebrate with a lunch or other event. Kind of hard to do when everyone is scattered to the winds.
    A few days ago one of Jinny's team members announced that there was going to be a virtual baby shower for one of the crew following the company meeting. She ordered everyone a cake; Jinny's came from Kelli's Cakes and Confections in the Larson's Cash Saver shopping center. (I might add that Kelli's does wonderful cakes; this was the first we've had from them).
    And so on Friday everyone gathered at their computers, cakes at their side, and had a wonderful baby shower. As the social reporters for the small-town papers used to say, "A good time was had by all."

    Remember the old Spaceship Earth ride at EPCOT, where right at the end there were two kids, one in Japan, the other in America, talking to each other through their computers? They were actually LOOKING at each other on their computer screens! It was such an amazing concept that we all knew that it wouldn't happen until the distant future.
    Of course, I first saw that as a teen-ager. Now my hair is falling out and I have children not too far away from college. I guess the distant future has arrived!

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