Tuesday, July 15, 2014

If Thad Cochran wants to call Chris McDaniel a racist, what exactly does that make him?

    As Chris McDaniel seeks to find enough evidence of voter fraud to overturn the Republican primary run-off, it’s important not to forget the most important issue: Thad Cochran won, if he won, by running last-minute radio ads and making robo-calls equating conservatism with racism.
    Liberals have, for years, equated any conservative position that they did not like to racism. Now Thad Cochran has climbed aboard their bandwagon.
    I have serious doubts about Chris McDaniel’s ability to prove enough voter fraud and get a new election, although I think there was rampant fraud and vote buying. But I have no doubts about the Cochran-Barbour radio ads and telephone calls. I’ve heard them. There is evidence these ads were apparently paid for through some illegal machinations through the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which attempted to attribute them to an unregistered PAC operated out of a Jackson storefront church.
    I pointed out repeatedly before the election that Cochran had a conservative voting record, with only rare liberal lapses. Until the last days of the campaign I had planned to vote for him. But I can’t ever remember him championing any conservative cause, and I feel he is a little wobbly on illegal immigration; for that reason I decided to support Chris McDaniel.
    So if Chris McDaniel is a racist because of his political views, so is Thad Cochran. If Chris McDaniel is a racist because of his associations, so is Thad Cochran.
    Those who followed the campaign know that a man who donated $800 to Chris McDaniel’s campaign was a member of the Klan back in 1962 (when interviewed the former Klansman said he was a Cochran supporter in prior campaigns). So I guess for some that makes Chris a racist by association.
    But wait! Haley Barbour, who controlled Cochran’s campaign because he essentially controls his vote, claimed the White Citizen’s Council was an organization designed to help blacks. He joked to a New York Times reporter that people shouldn’t use racial epithets because they might be reincarnated as a watermelon and be eaten by blacks. So that makes Thad a racist by association.
    Salon reported that Chris re-tweeted something written by a racist. So I guess that makes him racist (the tweet wasn’t racist, but apparently he was supposed to have read all of the guy’s tweets before re-tweetinig one).
    A senior Cochran campaign strategist is Austin Barbour. Barbour’s business partner in Clearwater Group is Arnie Hederman, as in the Clarion-Ledger Hederman family, which operated the most racist newspaper in America. Headline after Martin Luther King’s March on Washington: "Washington is Clean again with Negro Trash Removed.” Double-racist!
    It’s sad that Thad Cochran was too senile to debate. It could have been a lot of fun.
    Thad could have declared, “You’re a racist!”
    Chris could have responded, “No I’m not. You’re a racist!”
    Thad then could have said, “I’m not a racist. You’re the racist!”
    Chris then could have delivered the knockout blow: “I know you are but what am I?”
    At this point Thad likely would have gotten befuddled and declared “I’m a racist!", perhaps adding something about indecent things with farm animals. And Chris would have won the debate and the election.
    That, of course, is why Thad refused to debate.

    A recent PPP poll shows that Cochran is currently highly popular with blacks and Democrats and unpopular with Republicans. He's actually outpolling Democrat Travis Childers strongly among these two core Democratic groups. It’s our duty to make sure the voters of Mississippi know that if they think Chris McDaniels is a racist, so is Thad Cochran. Cochran must be made to pay for the terrible things he has done, and pay he will. We must give him the same treatment that he gave Chris McDaniel, with radio ads and robo-calls letting people know the he and his supporters are racists.
    I really don’t think Mississippi’s black voters will find the Barbour joke about the watermelon very funny.

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