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Oxford High ties last year's record number of STAR Students, with eight who scored 35 or 36 on ACT

Oxford High School STAR Students are Brian Clancy, Matthew Forgette, Connor Goggins, Shreya Mathur, Joshua Redding, Cynthia Torma, Joelle Young, and Mark Zhao. 

    I wrote last year about how Oxford High set a state record with eight STAR Students. Now they've done it again! Oxford has eight STAR Students again for 2014. This is just unheard of.
    STAR Students are named each year by the Mississippi Economic Council. Recipients must be graduating seniors with a 93 average in core subjects, the highest ACT score in their class, and an ACT of at least 25. Students with a 35 or 36 on the ACT get STAR Student status whether their score is highest in the class or not.
    So in 2013 Oxford High School had eight out of roughly 225 students with a score of 35 or 36 on the ACT; and they've given us a repeat performance for 2014. Roughly 3.5 percent of the Oxford High School graduating class last year and this year had an ACT score of 35 or 36.
    In 2012 there were 5,238 students nationally with a 35 or 36 on the ACT out of 1,666,017 taking the test. So about three-tenths of one percent nationally made a 35 or 36 while 3.5 percent of Oxford seniors posted a 35 or 36.
    It's an amazing performance, and we shouldn't get too spoiled. It's unlikely to have these kinds of numbers every year, but I can sure enjoy them while they last!

    Here's the story from the Oxford High School website:
    Eight Oxford High School students have been named as STAR (Student-Teacher Achievement Recognition) Students for the 2013-2014 school year by the Mississippi Economic Council’s (MEC) M.B. Swayze Foundation, sponsor of the STAR program.    Oxford High School STAR Students are Brian Clancy, Matthew Forgette, Connor Goggins, Shreya Mathur, Joshua Redding, Cynthia Torma, Joelle Young, and Mark Zhao. The Oxford High School students were honored during the annual Education Celebration at the MEC Annual Meeting on April 10 at the Jackson Convention Complex in downtown Jackson.
    According to Oxford school officials, this year Oxford High School had the highest number of STAR Students representing any school district in the state of Mississippi.
    As part of the STAR Program each STAR Student is asked to designate a STAR Teacher, the teacher who has made the greatest contribution to the student’s scholastic achievement. STAR Teachers are Chris Baughman, Dr. Barbara Lowe, James Reidy, Allyson Movitz, Stefanie Beam, Anne Steel, Renee Dayan, and Marni Herrington. The STAR Teacher can be one of the STAR Student’s elementary or secondary classroom teachers (active, former or retired).
    STAR Students are selected on the basis of academic excellence. Both American College Test (ACT) scores and scholastic averages are compared to determine the school's STAR Student. MEC and its M.B. Swayze Foundation sponsor the STAR Program to encourage and promote academic achievement among Mississippi’s high school seniors as well as recognize the teacher profession.

A Closer look at the STAR Students

Brian Clancy
Brian Clancy is the son of Sally and Thomas Clancy. Brian is a member of the Swim Team, the Math and Science Team, FIRST Robotics Team, Envirothon Team, Science Olympiad, and the Asian Heritage Club. He is active in his church youth group and is an AP Scholar. He plans on majoring in Business in college.
STAR Teacher is Chris Baughman.

Matthew Forgette
Matthew Forgette is the son of Karen and Rick Forgette. Matthew is the Debate Team Co-Captain and has twice been named a National Debate Tournament Qualifier. He is a state finalist Mock Trail Team member and a member of the State Champion Oxford Tennis Team. He is in the National Honor Society and is a National Merit Finalist. Matthew plans on majoring in International Studies and Economics.
STAR Teacher is Dr. Barbara Lowe.

Connor Goggins
Connor Goggins is the son of Patricia Krueger and Paul Goggins. He is a member of the FIRST Robotics Team, the Math and Science Team, Debate Team, Science Olympiad Team, and the Science Team. He has been active with the OHS Theatre and is an AP Scholar with Honor. Connor plans on majoring in Computer Engineering. 
STAR Teacher is James Reidy.

Shreya Mathur
Shreya Mathur is the daughter of Masisha and Dr. Sunil Mathur. Shreya is a member of the Robotics Team, Science Olympiad Team, Math and Science Team, Key Club, Anchor Club, and the National Honor Society. At the 2012 International Science Fair, Shreya placed 4th in Mathematics and 1st Place in American Statistical Association Awards. Shreya plans on studying Biostatistics in college.
STAR Teacher is Allyson Movitz.

Joshua Redding
Joshua Redding is the son of Melinda and Steve Redding. Joshua is a Robotics Team member, and a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Envirothon Team. Joshua is active with the youth group at his church. He is Science Olympiad Co-Captain and President of the German Club. Joshua plans on majoring in Computer Science in college.
STAR Teacher is Stefanie Beam.

Cynthia Torma
Cynthia Torma is the daughter of Eva Bodnar and Tibor Torma. Cynthia is a Poetry Out Loud State Semifinalist, Captain of the OHS Swim Team, and an Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Finalist. She is a National Merit Finalist and an AP Scholar with Distinction. Cynthia plans on majoring in Linguistics and Biochemistry.
STAR Teacher is Anne Steel.

Joelle Young
Joelle Young is the daughter of Shae Wang. Joelle is Treasurer of the German Club, a member of the Envirothon Team, a National Merit Finalist, and an AP Scholar. She is the Mississippi Music Teachers Association State Piano Competition winner and a state winner in the American Math Competition. Joelle plans on majoring in Molecular Biology and Psychology.
STAR Teacher is Renee Dayan.

Mark Zhao
Mark Zhao is the son of Mei Wang and Jianping Zhao. Mark is Captain of the Envirothon Team, Co-Captain of the Science Olympiad Team, Captain of the Math and Science Quiz Bowl Team, and a member of the Robotics Team. He is a National Merit Finalist and an AP Scholar with Distinction. Mark plans on majoring in Electrical Engineering in college.
STAR Teacher is Marni Herrington.

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