Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oxford Eagle Feature: Forty years later former student tips Mistilis waitress, with interest

   I bought a year's subscription to the Oxford Eagle last Friday. I had been buying it off and on from the rack, and I had an electronic subscription, but the fact is more times than not I wasn't reading.
    Monday my first copy arrived in my driveway with the story about a student who was a regular customer at Mistilis Restaurant on College Hill Road back in the early 1970s. He wasn't a big tipper. He just didn't have much money back then, and at the time a lot of students just didn't tip. It's the type of story that I wish everyone could read about Oxford and Ole Miss.
    Apparently, after graduation the student learned of the ways of the world and the propriety of leaving a tip, and he often thought of the waitress who frequently served him and his friends. He didn't know her name and asked the Oxford Eagle for help in tracking her down. The Eagle contacted Jo Dale Mistilis, who was able to do so.
    And so, after 40 years, the waitress received her tips, with interest, in the form of a $500 check.
    I'm afraid copyright law doesn't allow me to reproduce any more of the story than I have above. It's a fairly long piece and worth reading, but to do so you'll need to stop by the Eagle and buy a copy for 50 cents or pay $5 for a month's subscription to the electronic edition, unless you are already a subscriber.

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