Sunday, July 7, 2013

Zimmerman show trial turns to farce as most prosecution witnesses support the defense

    The trial of George Zimmerman in the self-defense slaying of violent, dopehead-petty-thief Trayvon Martin has turned into a farce, highlighting the corruption in the Florida legal system. These are the same crooked courts which tried to steal the 2000 election from George Bush.
    Most of the prosecution witnesses have supported Zimmerman's version of events. The few who have supported the prosecution have lied and changed their story so often that they aren't very credible. And Sybrina Fulton, Martin's mother, shows up on the witness stand wearing glasses for the very first time. What's with this? Do her handlers think it makes her look "smarter"?
    Some of the testimony has been outrageous. Some second-rate medical examiner reviewed photos of Zimmerman's wounds and declared them "very insignificant." Sorry, but the defense should have been allowed to have someone administer a good beating to her right on the spot to see how much she enjoyed receiving "very insignificant" wounds.
    There was a news story recently about a soccer umpire who died after receiving a single punch in the face from a player. One punch = death. Yet we have people testifying that such wounds when received by Zimmerman are "very insignificant." People die from such beatings all the time.
    The Zimmerman show trial continues this week, with corrupt prosecutors, a terrible judge, and a media that is slowly realizing that it's been had. All Zimmerman has going for him is the truth. I pray that will be enough.

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