Thursday, June 20, 2013

I've wanted to throw this tantrum myself. Oh, how I hate Wendy's!

    Last year I posted a blog entry entitled "The Death of the Wendy's Hamburger." In it, I expressed my frustration over the fact that Wendy's at some point stopped selling hamburgers. So I can understand the frustration of the man in the video above who specifically asked for no cheese and got it anyway.
    The forced cheese buying adds perhaps 60 cents to the cost of each hamburger. I just feel it's unfair to make everyone pay an extra 60 cents for cheese they don't want.
    The fact that Wendy's used to prepare my burger just as I asked for it used to be the reason I loved Wendy's and hated McDonald's. Now I hate them both.
    On a recent family visit to Wendy's (it was close-by) I ordered a hamburger with "mustard, pickle, and onion," which was the traditional toppings for hamburgers before McDonald's started dumping ketchup on every sandwich. I specified "no cheese" and it came with no cheese, even though they made me pay an extra 60 cents for the cheese I didn't want. They also put tomato, lettuce, and ketchup on my burger.
    My children explained to me that these were "default" toppings, and I should have specified that I didn't want them. But the old Wendy's that I used to love only put those items that were specifically requested. They would always ask me if I wanted cheese on my hamburger and I would always give them a 10-second lecture on how it was impossible to put cheese on a hamburger, because doing so created a cheeseburger. But to their credit, they only put on those things I ask for. I didn't have to worry about ketchup being dumped on my sandwich.
    I've never thrown as big a tantrum as the guy in the video, but I've wanted to. What part of the word "hamburger" do these people no understand? A hamburger does not have cheese, ever, under any circumstance whatsoever.
    So if you, like so many others, find yourself getting cheese on a sandwich when you've asked for none, just search for this blog post and play the above video for the hired help. Maybe you should wait until you get your replacement sandwich to avoid spit or other unwanted substances being used in place of the cheese.
    Honestly, though, I'm at low risk at getting unwanted cheese since I try to avoid both Wendy's and McDonald's. These restaurants just hate their customers too much. Long live Five Guys and Backyard Burgers!

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