Sunday, May 26, 2013

You decide -- is this baby trying to read the newspaper or not?

    I have some old videos that I downloaded to my computer years ago. I've used Windows Movie Maker to turn a lot of my raw video into various Youtube-like shorts, but I've got a one hour-long video that is essentially six months or so out of our lives that's just been sitting there. I decided to see what was on it today.
    I won't bore you with a long home movie, but I did produce a 90-second short featuring my son Ash, who was then perhaps 10 months old, trying hard to read the newspaper. I read most of my news on the Internet these days, but back then I was an avid newspaper reader. It seems clear to me that my son is trying to figure out what all the fuss is about.
    The video was shot at my wife's maternal grandmother's house. I decided to pull away and get a little film on everyone in the room, including Jinny's grandmother. It likely is the only video that there is of Lucille Burkhalter, who died a couple of years ago after a prolonged illness.
    So I guess there are two morals to this story. First, get a little film on your loved ones as time goes by. Some day you will cherish it. Second, based on Ash's action's with the newspaper, be aware that the children are watching -- even when they are 10 months old!

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