Saturday, August 18, 2012

Diversity for thee, but not for me

    If there's one thing liberal elites love it's diversity. There's just one catch: they don't want it for themselves.
    And so for years we've had to live under the subjugation of politicians who would go to any lengths to "diversify" society while avoiding such rules themselves. The politicians who so eagerly touted the joys of forced busing never had their children bused for several hours into a slum. Most judges who ruled ability grouping unconstitutional never had a bright child forced to spend each school day in a classroom full of low-IQ students.
    When faced with the possibility of living the hellish life they were forcing on the rest of society, our political overlords simply sent their children to private schools or bought their way out of the problem. You see, the ruling class sees social engineering as something that they do to others, not something that they actually participate in themselves.
    The photo above was taken from the Obama 2012 Chicago Twitter site. It is his Chicago campaign staff as it existed a few months ago. Can you, dear reader, tell me what's missing from this picture?
    The Obama administration has been filing disparate impact lawsuits like mad against American businesses. These suits literally force businesses to practice aggressive reverse discrimination. Essentially, any job requirement which has a disparate impact on minorities is considered against the law. One exception to the disparate impact rule is the requirement for a college degree; thus jobs such as policeman and fireman in some areas now require a college degree, as job candidates can't be given any sort of test.
    But when it comes to his own campaign staff, Obama doesn't have any diversity at all. Just a bunch of white folks in a city that is almost half black.
    In other Diversity-for-thee news, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra just informed two Cobb County high schools that they wouldn't be invited to join with the symphony for the annual Christmas program as they have for the past four years. The Cobb schools are known nationally for their high quality choral program, but there's certainly nothing wrong with inviting another area school to participate in the Christmas program.
    What is wrong is the reason given for dis-inviting the Cobb County schools. They were told the reason they weren't wanted this year was that they weren't "diverse" enough, and indeed, the Cobb County choral groups are overwhelmingly white.
    "We want the stages of the Atlanta Symphony, whether here, Verizon (Wireless Amphitheatre), or Chastain Park to reflect the diversity of Atlanta," ASO President Stanley Romanstein told a local TV reporter. In other words, the Cobb County kids can't come because they're white.
    Spokesmen for the Atlanta Symphony refused to answer questions about the racial makeup of the orchestra, afraid perhaps that to answer would show them to be hypocrites. Pictured below is a photo of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (click on it to enlarge it).
    Once again the liberal credo in action: Diversity for thee, but not for me.

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