Friday, July 29, 2011

Up to 3,000 free AAdvantage miles -- this one is easy!

    I just got 2,500 free AAdvantage miles from American Airlines, and you can get up to 3,000 free miles, too. The link is at the bottom of this post.
    I don't get to fly American very much. It's hard to out of Memphis. But I like the airline, and unlike Delta, they have not devalued their loyalty program to the degree that the Skymiles program has been gutted. So you can get a round-trip ticket on American for 25,000 miles far more often than on Delta. In fact, sometimes American offers round-trip tickets for only 15,000 miles.
    In addition, AA miles transfer into the HHonors program at the rate of 6 miles to 10 HHonors points. It used to be 5-to-10, so even AA has been devalued a bit, but the ability to trade for HHonors points can be really helpful when you need a few extra hotel points.
    So what do you need to do? Just agree to receive some emails. For each weekly email (a few may come more often) you agree to receive you will get 500 AA miles. If you already are subscribed to one of the emails, you don't get that offer. I already received one email each week, so I only got 2,500 instead of 3,000 miles (the offer is for 2,500 miles, but after you sign up they give you an extra 500.)
    I was pretty impressed with the website making the offer. It featured an auction appraiser pretending to "appraise" my email address.
    By the way, there's nothing to stop you from setting up a separate email account to receive airline and hotel mail. Just be sure to visit the AA site before you try to sign up for this offer to change your email address. Personally, I like getting the NetSAAver fares and sweepstakes offers. You can cancel these emails later, but don't do so until your bonus points have posted to your account, with may take a couple of months.
    One other tip. If you are trying to keep points alive in a program you don't use very much, try earning a few miles with a rental car or hotel stay. HHonors lets you pick which airline you want to "Double-Dip" with, and I choose American from time to time just to keep some activity. This works for any airline.
    I calculate the value of these points as between $25 and $40. Not bad for getting some emails, most of which I'd like to get anyway. Oh, and you also get your choice of four different sweepstakes to enter. They didn't have a trip for one to Las Vegas, so I picked the family vacation to Hawaii. I can hear the hula music now! Oh, wait -- that's Lucy listening to Youtube.
    Here's the link:
Appraise to Win Sweepstakes

Good Luck!

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Howser said...

Thanks for the tip, Frank..we don't fly American, but the Hilton points option is perfect.