Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holli's gets a new sign from faithful customer

    Holli's Sweet Tooth candy store and ice cream parlor in Oxford had it's sign stolen about six weeks ago. It was an unusual sign, and just the kind of thing that a few college students are wont to steal.
    Earlier today I walked by the store and saw an older man putting up the Holli's sign. "Did you recover the sign or is that a new one?" I asked.
    That's when I learned that the store hadn't purchased a new sign, nor had they recovered the old one. Instead, one of their young customers had asked her grandfather to make the store a new sign because she missed the old one. Based on the wording of the sign, I assume this young girl's name is Piper Clark, and her grandfather's name is "Pappy."
    But what a wonderful story about a little girl caring about others, a grandfather caring for his granddaughter, and Holli's now having their sign back. There is good news in this world if you look for it!

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