Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Those who deal face the wheel

    This item is from the Biloxi Sun Herald. Many of the comments that ran with this story were negative. Personally, I think having everyone go after a single person -- getting all officers on the same page -- makes good sense. Maybe they could bring in Dawg the Bounty Hunter!
    The Wheel of Drug Enforcement Justice in Picayune spins with a little more pizzazz after receiving national attention and an international award.
    The International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association has given a commendation for innovation to the Picayune Police Department.

    The wheel has pictures of eight suspected drug dealers. When the wheel stops, police make an all-out effort to find the pictured suspect. From 32 spins since July 2009, police have taken 29 suspects into custody.
    The promotion has been featured on MSNBC cable news and police said TNA Wrestling has offered to sponsor some spins by wrestlers who appear on Spike TV.
    The promotion has drawn criticism over whether police were leaving suspects on the street until the wheel lands on their pictures.
    Police Chief Jim Luke said looking for wanted persons is an ongoing job, but “there is no arguing with results.
    “The award “makes a very strong statement that the world has noticed the efforts in the fight against illegal drugs in Picayune, Miss.”
    The award was presented to Detective Mike Odom. Also honored were Detective Thomas Clark, Capt. Jeremy Magri, and Deputy Chiefs Bryan Dawsey and David Ervin.

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