Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Federal government orders 30-fold increase in (legal) Ole Miss marijuana production

    As states begin to legalize marijuana the federal government is ramping up medical studies of the drug, and has ordered the only legal marijuana farm in the United States, at the University of Mississippi, to produce 30 times more than it did last year.
    In 2013 the Ole Miss pot production quota was 21 kg, but on Monday the DEA issued rules setting the 2014 quota at 650 kg, or 1,433 pounds, according to Live Trading News. The story was also featured in The Blaze.
    Among recent research projects is a study assessing Medical Cannabis as a potential treatment for US Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Researchers will provide the equivalent of 2 ‘joints’ per day, cultivated from the federal government’s stash at Ole Miss, for 50 Vets.
    The DEA rule said the production increase is needed to ensure NIDA has enough product on which to conduct its research.
    “NIDA recently notified the DEA that it required additional supplies of marijuana to be manufactured in 2014 to provide for current and anticipated research efforts involving marijuana,” the rule stated. “The DEA was unaware of NIDA’s additional need at the time the initial aggregate production quote for marijuana was established in September 2013.

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